Printable Postcards - make your voice heard!

love postcards, penelope dullaghan, free printable - write your senators, write washington In this crazy and hateful time, it's so important to make our voices heard. Write your Senators. Write Washington. Tell them what you believe in, and tell them to support THE PEOPLE, not their private interests.

This is the first action of the Women's March. For help in finding addresses to send to, click here and look for Step 3. For inspiration on what to write about, and to have a script to help you know what to say exactly, click here.

I've designed postcards for you to print out and use to make it easier! Print on cardstock for the best result - it will hold up in the mail. Cut them out with scissors and write your message and the address on the back. Put a stamp on it, pop it in the mail and make your views known! You can do this every day... it only takes a few minutes.

Download the PDF here.

Together we are stronger!