puddle lope

Hiya. Sorry about crossing all that out on the last post. I've been quite wishy washy lately and I think I just panicked that I was doing it wrong... I don't feel quite like myself lately. I'm not sure how to feel or which way is up. Which is weird for me because I'm usually pretty clear on my opinions and direction. Must be hormones, I'm thinking... because I'm also off the richter scale with the emotions.

Colin and I went to our first birthing class last week and when the teacher started talking about things partners could do to help out the laboring mother (ice-chips, massage, breathing reminders) I instantly got choked up and had to bat my lashes to hold back the alligator tears. Over ice-chips?! I felt totally ridiculous. But luckily no one noticed and I sniffed and started thinking about other things to distract myself.

So I'm puddle lope lately. Please excuse me while I gain my composure.