puddletrees.jpg A windshield on a rainy day. That's me right now. The wipers swoosh back and and forth, momentarily clearing the droplets from the glass and allowing a clear view. But even before the wipers are back at their resting place, the next rain droplet touches down and again starts the process of obstructing the view.

I appreciate your brave comments and hearing your reaction about the art I've been posting lately. For some reason I feel like these little pieces mark "where I am" to me. Little snippets of my mind captured for a second. They all come together with a story. The colors choose themselves. And it's my job to just get out of the way and see what appears.

Letting go of the results. The need for feedback. The reason for doing them.

I like it. That's why, really.

I suppose this might be coming off as depressed or down... but that's not the case at all. I feel like my eyes are wide open and I have the world at my fingertips. Like I'm made of magic... And even if I can't see clearly through the windshield, I'm still heading in a direction.