pumpkiny goodness

porchpumpkin.jpg This weekend we headed over to the farmer's market to get some pumpkins to decorate the front of the house... I love pumpkin time. I don't know why exactly, but it always makes me feel really happy to be standing surrounded by hundreds of pumpkins and haystacks and gourds, all waiting to be selected. There were plenty of kids running around squealing and hugging on the pumpkins too, the cuteness of which nearly killed me.

It's not cool here yet, and I think that would have been the only thing to make it better... a sweater and some warm cider to finish it off. But no, flipflops and tanktops it was.

We picked out four baby pumpkins for the porch railings, one large squatty pumpkin and an orange-and-white spotted gourd for the steps. Every time I drive up to the house now, I smile.

* * * * * * Are you working on your monsters for the Monster Mash Contest? The ones submitted so far are all so great! I'm constantly amazed by your imaginations. :)