Things are slow and quiet here as we wait for the baby bean to arrive. I am really soaking in in this down time, almost literally -- a lot of my activities include water. Taking lots of warm showers and using oils and lotions to hydrate my skin. Soaking (and kicking) in the warm water pool at the Y. Using my new neti pot to rinse out my sinuses. And drinking lots and lots of water. I'm not sure what all this water means, but it all feels so good and natural and calming to me right now. Feels right. I've also been doing a lot of reading, meditating and resting. My energy levels are low. So I'm very grateful that I've managed to relax and honor this slow time. A first for me! I do feel like I have some art in me right now, but I haven't had any energy to get up to do it. Plus, I paint on a flat surface and the the position of looking down to create just isn't comfortable with this belly. So I just watch the inspiration dance around in my head like a movie and imagine what I would be creating if I could. It's almost as good.

It hasn't all been taken sitting down though. Yesterday I spent a few hours going through my closet and clearing out all the maternity clothes I no longer fit. I organized everything so that when I have the baby, and my body starts shrinking back down to normal size, I'll be able to easily find clothes to fit. (I can't even tell you how excited I am to wear my old clothes again. I miss them.)

Other than that, we've finished up birthing classes (oh-so-helpful -- I feel much more informed) and even took a breast feeding class. That was really intensive and I think will help a lot as I learn how to work these things. What a miracle. We meet with the doula again on Thursday to talk about the birth plan and all that good stuff.

So, that's where I've been. A bit quiet and introspective. Just waiting and anticipating.

* * * *

Two things to entertain you:

Colin decides to try to see what it's like to be pregnant. (And you get to see a pic of giant, swollen me in a carhartt. hee.)

Whitehouse.gov. I'm so excited about what Obama is doing already, and connecting with the people with modern technology is loooong overdue.

* * * *

Hope your day is good.