ramblings from the looney-bin

Don't you hate it when you can seem to draw anything?! GAH! I can see what I want in my head and it just doesn't come out that way. It comes out all lop-sided and quirky and squirmy. I am not going for lop-sided quirky squirmy. I want sweet and smart and lovely. But no, it just eludes me. And I suddenly find myself slammed again so there's no chance for procrastination while it passes. (I am still battling with walks and yoga and stuff though). Also, I just did a phone interview and think I sounded like a complete ass. I talked too fast and my answers were half-formed and I believe I even did a bit of the giggling. How old am I? Maybe I won't tell you when it posts so you aren't tempted to hear me babbling like a baboon...

...which I seem to be doing right now. I just can't seem to stop!


* * * * * Forgot to mention: my rep has a brand new site that is all smooth and wonderful and stuff. (Great job Josh!) And on this site I have a little blog where I plan to just post about work related things (in other words: no looney bin stuff). I'll update it in a little while.

Also, if you want to go straight to my section on Scott's new site and look at my sketches or studio (check out my photographs of my "studio" and see how well I hid how hideous working in the corner of my bedroom is. hee). Click here.