reaching out

"We often don't enjoy the experience at hand because we're so caught up with reaching out for the next one...The secret to awakening joy is being present with whatever part of life we're tasting right now." ~ James Baraz & Shoshana Alexander, Awakening Joy

I've been doing a lot of fretting lately. Living in the future. Our house still sits on the market, and we're waiting for an offer. I'm not being patient. I'm scared, and it's overshadowing the present moment more often than not. I have to will myself over and over back to whatever is at hand. The breeze on my skin. My beautiful girl looking for attention. My breath. It's hard in this space of not knowing the future... but wanting so badly for the future to get here. Can't rush it, I guess. And trying makes it worse. How can I just ease into this and let it unfold how it will? By surrendering. I have no control.