I'm teaching 4 yoga classes per week now, and I'm learning that I am living my yoga so much more since starting to share it with people in person. One of the things I like to talk about in class is choosing peace in the moment. When we're in a challenging pose or holding a posture until things start to ache, that's the time to really start letting the breath move down to the tight parts and choose peace. It's amazing how focusing on that can let you stay longer in a pose and even allow you to sink down deeper. Let your thighs burn brighter because you are choosing to be here with stillness. The discomfort will soon pass. And there will be a time of rest. And rest is so much sweeter when you've worked for it.

In the day to day, the same thing holds. When we're impatient or reaching a point of can't-do-this-anymore-stress, we can choose to breathe down into the tightness there too. We can choose to find the place of peace that's always there if you look for it. Because whatever is causing our tightness in life will always pass too. And then we can rest.