river walk

riverwalk.jpg My Sacred Life: Day 3

Yesterday the funk finally defunkified. I was patient with myself (for once). I had a wonderful conversation with a beautiful girl. I reached out to another friend in need (love to you, k). And I mama-beared myself.

My river walk always helps (and I've skipped it all week!). Something about being out there with the trees, watching the river flow by... centers me. It always has a new surprise... yesterday's was a very large blue herron who was knee-deep fishing. (We also got some excitement when a not-so-nice german shepherd came by). I usually walk really fast to stir up some wind around me, but yesterday it felt better to just stroll. Feel the sun.

I have noticed lately that I am really feeling the need to connect with other like-minded souls... Nourish my circle, and maybe even widen it (I dunno... this is scary to me. I am kind of shy and I'm protective of my alone time, but I'm trying to just see what happens there... be open to it.) (for some reason I am hesitant to leave this paragraph here.)

I also went to an Ayurveda workshop. I really didn't know what to expect (I've only just dipped my toe into this), but it was fascinating... it was like a mix of complete common sense and total hocus pocus (because a lot of the words were new to me). I sat there, wiggled there (3 hours on a hard floor is not good on the bum), took notes and listened... trying to absorb what I could. Toes dipping deeper.