'round here

Been loving the sunlight that comes into my kitchen in the afternoons. Warms me up. Especially with how much time I seem to be spending in the kitchen these days. Having a toddler "help" with meals and clean up takes at least four times as long. But she loves to assist.

Recently switched to making coffee via french press and am surprised at the difference - in taste and in the ritual of it. I really like how the simple daily act of making coffee feels more tangible and thoughtful.

I love thrifting. I've discovered a Goodwill near our house and head over there first when I need something. (Found an awesome, solid steamer basket to replace the broken flimsy one I've had since college.) The elephant coat hooks were not "needed" of course. But I have a thing for elephants and they were too cute to pass up.

We've a hayday building tons of forts lately, especially because I've had a cold and want to stay inside. She makes them pretty elaborate and then asks me to put the roof (blanket) on. She crawls in with her trusty flashlight.

And I've been thrifting old sweaters lately and have been experimenting with sewing. I tried to sign up for a sewing class at the community center but there were no spots left. So I just sat down at my machine with some scrap fabric and tried all the settings to see what would happen if... it's a good way to learn. Pictured is my newest creation: a ruffled butt-warmer with hand-sewn flower. I really love it.

And of course, lots of painting going on... I am looking forward to sharing these projects with you!

Happy weekend!