rural yoga

Last Thursday I visited a yoga studio that was out in the middle of nowhere. County Road something or other, turn left at the pond, make a right when you hear crickets. No sign out in the yard. And even the numbers were scratched off the mailbox so I couldn't tell if I was at the right place. I ended up pulling in and walking into the garage yelling "hello! Anybody home?!". I was then told that the yoga was in the barn in the back. I could hear kids giggling.

But sure enough. I walked around... took in the stunning view of farmland for miles... not a soul in sight... and saw a new(ish) barn in the back. The inside felt familiar. An incense holder. A sign in sheet. A place to leave shoes. I knew I was in the right spot.

And the class was awesome. (A yin yoga class... if you haven't tried this: It's super intense, but so so yummy. Shari: you were right... I loved it.)

Anyway. I should backtrack and mention that Colin and I have been talking about IF (and it's a big IF at this point) our house sells... we kind of want to move to the country. Not the city like we were originally intending. The outskirts of town. So we'd be close to Indianapolis, but not too close. Close enough to easily go in for activities. But far enough away where we could see stars and have a big garden and need a pick-up truck to plow snow. I'm really glad our house didn't sell right away like we thought it was going to because we'd be stuck in the city right now scratching our heads! (For the record, we are still deciding where we want to be... I assume something will happen and this will become clear eventually.)

So back to the yoga. This woman was living what I have been dreaming about. She had her kiddos at home with her (3 of them started school next week), a giant garden with tons of veggies, flowers to pretty it up, a small but charming house, and a big barn in the back. Her husband uses the ground floor for manly stuff and the upstairs is a beautiful yoga studio. Seeing all this, I left smiling.

The vision dancing in my head right now looks kind of like this: a cute country cottage with tons of good light. Not too big. Not too small. A big barn in the back that houses my art studio and my hubby's writing area and a gorgeous spacious yoga studio. A big yard (wooded)... a few acres at least... for having bon fires and a big garden and kids running around and hanging clothes on the line. All that yard stuff I'm deprived of right now. I'd love to teach yoga classes... and art classes... and kids art and yoga classes... and have it be a women's retreat space... a place where people can come together and be quiet. Meditative.

But I'm getting WAY ahead of myself. We're still sitting on our house here. And I still have to teach my first yoga class in two weeks (!)... hee hee. I just need to dream out loud sometimes. :)

What are you dreaming about?