school pictures

I am giggling because yesterday a professional (woo-woo) photographer came over to photograph me for a Skirt magazine article. She set up a "scene" at my desk, showing my paint brushes and a paintings... concentrated on lighting, getting good angles and all that fancy stuff. (She showed me all the movie star tricks: shoulders curved, leaned into the camera, etc.) And I wore fancy clothes... a clean black tunic, my favorite skirt, and I did up my hair in pretty pigs. But really? The whole scene-thing is not the truth. The truth is that I usually have messy gross hair and am wearing a torn sweatshirt with paint drips on it and athletic pants. The truth is that I slouch a lot (I'm working to improve that!) Yeah.. In reality... it's more like this:


I don't think they'd show that. Lope the frump. The other way is only for fancy days. hee.

p.s. Do you miss school picture day? With that blue marble-y background? I remember standing in line for my pic with my heart pumping because I hated getting my pic taken with everyone watching. High school was just embarrassing.