Seven Day Sit #2 ends, and a list

The second Seven Day Sit ended yesterday. That was the 10 minute sit for seven days. How'd you do? I forgot a few days this time around, I have to admit. But loved when I did remember. Felt like it added so much space to daily life. I think I need to tie some string around my finger for future sits.

I don't really have much to say or add to the thoughts I've already put out there about the sit... I'm just grateful that some of you were game to do it with me! Thank you!

* * *

I have a bunch on my mind, so I thought I'd just do a list (simple lists make me happy sometimes):

- We've had a handful of showings on the house. And one offer that fell through for various reasons. So now we wait for another. But strangely, I am feeling perfectly content to be here right now... summer by the lake is a beautiful thing. Planting those tomatoes a few weeks back did exactly what I'd hoped it'd do: it grounded me here more. I've been living life instead of putting it on hold until we move.

- I taught 1/2 of a yoga class last Wednesday! A teacher here who does "Yoga Fit" asked me if I'd like to teach the first part of her class, so I jumped at the opportunity. The Yoga Fit style is not my taste, so I did my own thing, and I think it went over pretty well (maybe... you never really know). I taught a basic pranayama (breathing exercise), warm-up poses and some classic sun salutations. I wasn't even nervous... it just felt good to use my training!

- Speaking of yoga, I've solved the shadowing issue. I found a mentor who teaches two classes back to back one night a week and have been knocking out my observation hours that way. I'm learning so much, love her style, and have even helped her with the students.

- Been thinking a lot about fear lately... how to conquer it or at least live juicy despite it. More on this later perhaps.

- Finally finishing up Momma Zen and decided that I LOVE this book. It got me thinking in some really good ways. I also picked up a copy of Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting. Thank you for the suggestion!

- Been doing some art that I'm happy with. Nothing for myself yet, but I feel it simmering beneath the surface a little more lately.

- Feeling lonely right now. So that means I should probably can it and go outside.

Later gators. :)