Seven Day Sit - day 1

So did you sit yesterday? How was it? If you want to share anything, please do in the comments. Anything that made it easier or harder for you? Did you keep checking the clock over and over or did the 5 minutes breeze by? (Setting an alarm might be an option if you found yourself peeking at the time over and over.) Any insights? Or was it pretty much just sitting there?

I thought I'd introduce a breath technique in case you wanted to try something new for today's sit. It's called "Simple Breath-Focused Meditation". It's really easy and it goes like this:

- Sit in a comfortable position (in a chair, crossed legged on the floor, on a bolster, etc).

- Close your eyes and slowly bring your awareness to your breath. Just notice how it goes in and out without trying to control it in any way.

- Notice a physical spot where you can feel your breath moving in and out. Your nostrils, upper lip or even your heart center.

- Just watch your breath easily. Don't strain to do this. If you find yourself straining, just let the technique go and just breathe normally again.

- If thoughts drift in, notice them without judgment and let them drift back out.  Bring your focus again to your breath.

- Do this for five minutes.

- Finish by taking a few deep breaths. Start to wiggle your fingers and toes. Bring your awareness back to your physical body and slowly open your eyes.

* * *

Let me know what you think if you try it!

* * *

6 more days!