Seven Day Sit ends tomorrow

The Seven Day Sit officially ends tomorrow (Saturday). That was seven days. Can you believe it? Did it seem to fly by for you too? I invite you, once again, to share your experience in the comments if you'd like. Have you been diligent and disciplined by sitting every day? Have you cheated or forgotten a day or two? Remember to go easy on yourself. In any meditation or sitting practice, we're not striving for perfection. That's why it's called sitting practice, not sitting perfect. ;)

I loved this passage from Donna Farhi's book, Bringing Yoga to Life:

What we discipline, then, is this movement of awareness, training ourselves to stay with rather than run from all that we experience. When we choose to stay with our practice despite the inevitable highs and lows in our lives, we are actively choosing to focus our awareness on the part of us that is unchanging. With each practice session, we start to identify with this steady part of ourselves. When we're feeling sad, we practice anyway. When we're happy and excited, we practice anyway. When we're in the depths of grief, we practice anyway. When we have a thousand things to do, we practice anyway. We do not practice to rid ourselves of these feelings or to suppress them. Neither do we practice out of stoic denial. When we practice through thick and thin, happy and unhappy times, we are saying: "Sadness is moving through me, but sadness is not who I am; excitement is moving through me, but excitement is not who I am; grief is moving through me, but grief is not who I am." When we practice anyway, we make room to fully experience all our feelings while at the same time not allowing those feelings to paralyze or solidify into our identity.

Practice anyway.

Pretty powerful stuff I think.

One more question about your experience: Do you feel any happier yet? Are you cultivating your own happiness?

I'm not ready to quit, are you? I propose we extend our sit to another seven days, but do it for 10 minutes each day instead of 5. Can you dig it? If not, that's fine. If you want to continue, great! Thanks for joining me. I love knowing other people are doing this with me.

Seven more days, starting Sunday. 10 minutes!