She's capable of that?!

One of the beautiful things about getting together with other mamas is sharing ideas/skills/plans/projects. G has 2 kiddos that are a bit older than Veda, and I felt super fortunate to hear some of her ideas of things to do with Veda. For instance, sewing. I would have never thought that I could hand my just-turned-three-year-old a fatty, blunt needle and thread and let her sew by herself. But G gave me the needle and suggested I just try it. So I did. And Veda could do it. In fact, she could do it *really* well. She made her own little garland of out of old sweater scraps that I cut for her (bottom pic). I was astonished.

G also suggested I give Veda some more freedom/opportunity in the kitchen... so yesterday I set out my little cutting board for her, gave her a butter knife and let her cut bananas. And let her use the pizza cutter to make cheese cubes. I didn't know she was ready to cut things by herself.

I feel in a way like maybe I'm holding Veda back because I am just unaware of what she's capable of. We really don't get out to see other mama/kiddos very often, so we're kind of isolated in a way. But it really helps to get another mother's perspective and thoughts on how to grow and move forward with new skills.

So, with that in mind, I'm sharing these ideas here. Maybe some mamas out there with children younger than Veda might have a little light bulb go off like it did for me.

And if you have any other suggestions, dear readers, about things to try with a 3 year old, I'd love to hear about it! Please leave a comment.

Let's share and learn!