sick and smilin'

IMG_0389 My babe is sick. So we're dealing with rough nights (ROUGHER nights I should say... I didn't know that was possible!), weepy snotty coughy stuffy long days and clinging to mama like a chi-chi monkey. And all this while every single one of my clients finally pipes up and says: go! paint! make art miracles happen! So needless to say, this mama is a bit stressified. Hope Veda feels better soon... it's heartbreaking to see her want to smile while feeling so icky.

In the meantime, we have good things going on like:

- swapping eggplants from our garden for pears from a friend's tree.

- garden grown tomatoes eaten over the sink

- garden cukes and sunflowers

- helping my little sister get settled in her dorm room and started in her new school

- seeing students wandering around in the park, reading books and writing

- being big enough to swing in the baby swings

- reading my yoga textbooks in random and rare spare minutes

- kitchen renovation being 3/4 done

- studio/playroom conversion being 1/4 done

- goddess card readings

- walking to the post office to drop off mail

- frogmore stew parties (we veggies just don't eat the sausage. do eat the shrimp though!)

- porch sitting in the rain

... baby crying. gotta go. tell me your happy things.