so long summer

summer has passed the torch off to fall. tonight was the first night of temps cool enough for me to get the knit blankets down from the closet shelf and to make up a cup of hot cocoa. looking for one of the cats to come warm up my lap.

been so so busy lately with work. staying up late late late to get paintings done, typography written and sketches drawn. little time for much else.

but we somehow squeeze in baby gymnastics (the cutest thing ever!), music and dancing, teaching lots of yoga (i'm loving my new role as yoga teacher!), coloring on the floor tiles (whoopsie!), plow days with the english and amish, picnicking at a friend's country house, helping care for baby zoe, birthday dinners and chasing ducks around the park.

life is beautiful.

and full.

but mostly beautiful.


love to all you people out there...