so we moved

dullaghan_before dullaghan_after

This is what we've mainly been doing around here - unpacking, home renovating and decorating. You see, we moved from my beloved Raleigh, NC to my husband's hometown of Indianapolis, IN. Why? So Veda would know more of her extended family, and so all our vacations didn't have to be traveling back "home".

It was an extremely hard decision because I loved North Carolina like crazy time (I'm still in mourning about leaving). But so far, Indianapolis has treated us very well. I'm finding a ton of resources here that weren't here when we lived her many years ago. Parks, camps, art classes, cool local stores, local and conscious restaurants, knitting classes, splash pads, etc. It feels good. Feels right. Plus, Veda has already had an overnight with her Grandmom while Colin and I enjoyed a night on the town. Fun was had by all!

But let me tell you... After this move -- and all the head-and-heart-aches that came with it -- we won't be moving again for a looooong time. Next time I get the itch (in probably about 2.5 years), please smack me and tell me to take a long vacation to a far-off land. It'd be cheaper and less life-shaking than moving. ha!

xo friends