solo show #5, and recipe exchange?

pearlady.jpg(14×18″, mixed media on paper)

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I eat... what I put into my body, how much time I spend cooking versus going out to dinner, what I enjoy making, etc. Many nights i work late and then by the time I look up it's getting dark, I'm starving and I suggest we just run up to our favorite little Mexican dive (named El Amigo, but we call it "The Friend") and split a small entree... Probably not the healthiest, but oh, the guacamole!

I do enjoy cooking though, and I always feel more centered and happier if I eat healthy food instead of convenient junk... So I have been making little steps do that: trying to plan meals out ahead of time and get everything i need at the grocery store and farmer's market (so I'm not tempted to just say screw it and have a can of beans for dinner). It does seem to be working, but I am running out and a little bored with the meals I make, so I was wondering if you had any recipe suggestions?

I'll give you one of my favorite things to make in exchange: Real Simple's Red Bean & Spinach Burritos (oh-so-good, easy to make, and makes good leftovers too):

So what do you say? Want to share your favorite recipe in the comments? Or maybe a link to a cookbook you can't live without? I am all ears. :)

(Piece #5 above finally worked itself out yesterday afternoon right after I was through bitching about it in the post below. hee. Inspired by the idea of "you are what you eat"... and the female horror of being pear-shaped. The woman I painted, though, doesn't seem to mind.)