solo show, piece #6

ravenhair.jpg(14×18″, mixed media on paper)

This is the 6th piece. 14 more to go for the solo show. (And about 4 to create also for the show opening in Nashville, TN). I'm a paintin' fool, I tell ya.

- - - - - - - I have been SO inspired lately. It's like little ideas come floating by my head and it's up to me to grab my butterfly net (sketchbook or nearest napkin) and capture them before they disappear. Lots of goodness. It's been a few months since I felt this "on"... I am loving it. Feeling more playful. More unsure (in a total I-don't-care way!). Seeing connections between everything. I want to try linoleum cuts. Photography. Film. Collage! I just want to paint things, cut things and lift my arms up and say: THANK YOU INSPIRATION GODS! Ooh babee!

- - - p.s. Many many thanks for the recipes! I can't wait to try them and check the cookbooks/sites you recommended. AWESOME! Another way to create and have fun! Experiments in the kitchen...