Spotted. Loved.

54b498eaf4ae11e2a77722000a1fbc49_7 I spotted this sign as we walked to dinner in our new neighborhood village. In the last year or so I've done a better job at stopping the comparison war in my head - especially as an artist and mother. I think kindness toward myself has started to come easier as I'm living a more analog life - being conscious of when and how much I connect online - and doing so only with purpose. I find it easier to listen to my own voice and check in with my heart when I'm not being bombarded with digital distraction all the time. I ask myself if I am happy. Am I content? If the answer is yes, why look to do more or to push myself to accomplish what someone else has done? I don't know their life. Only my own little story.

So why try to live bigger if I'm content right now? What is here, now, is good enough.