Squam class - Hand-lettering

Next up we have Hand-lettering! I taught this as a 3 hour course both Friday and Saturday (I think it could have easily been an all day event). It was SO MUCH FUN! Really high energy and lots of playing going on. We started with the challenge of doing a complete alphabet within one hour, each letter made of a different medium or style. This was a tough assignment because one hour is not long at all... and because people tend to do their "go-to" mediums for the first 10 or 12 letters and then hit a wall. And it's the wall I'm interested in. It was really cool to watch people (most) get to a point where they didn't know what to do next and then push through it and try something completely new... regardless of how it was going to look next to their neater letters. (Permission to get messy!)

I laid out a bunch of different art supplies onto 3 tables and had little stations to experiment with... acrylics, inks, pens, brushes, tape, yarn, leaves, water, hole punches... you name it. A chance to move fast and try stuff. It was a super cool assignment. (It was hard for me not to jump in and do another alphabet of my own... I wanted to badly!)

Here are some pics of that exercise:

And after that exercise, I think people were looser and more open to hand-lettering their quote or poem (which they came to class with) in a way that made sense conceptually. Unfortunately most people didn't get finished with this part of the course. Hence why it could have been a 6 hour day. But in any case, here are a couple of the end results: