Starbucks, web site animations

sb_small I recently had the huge pleasure of working with a client that I put on my "dream clients" list a few years back: Starbucks! This job was for their Frappuccino line. These were a series of illustrations that were turned into animations for the Starbucks website. (There is a print campaign also, which I'll write about when it's officially released.)

So I delivered layered photoshop files with all kinds of different elements on each that rumble, jump, spin and pan. Really fun!

You can see them all in action at their site here. (Click on "Nominee Gallery" to view them all, then choose one to see how it animates.)

The idea is that you can nominate a friend who deserves a frappaccino for whatever reason... they baby sat for you... they brought you soup when you were sick... etc. And you can pick one of my designs to fit their personality... So go an nominate someone! :)

Here are a few of the flats I did:


City scene.


Party scene.


Night scene.


Beach scene.