still around here somewhere

I received an email from a lovely reader this morning wondering if all was well... this blog has been so quiet. It didn't occur to me that there would be any concern. I'm sorry. I've just been feeling quiet and waiting for direction. But all is well. I thought I should probably say that here instead of just leaving a blank unknown. airplanearms

I'm actually leaving in the morning for San Francisco. I'm going to judge the illustration awards for Communication Arts. It's a huge honor, and I'm thrilled to be going. It'll be exciting to see so much great work in one place. And, truth be told, I'm excited for four days of time to myself... not having to feed anyone else, tie anyone else's shoes, negotiate over simple tasks. hee hee! I have downloaded a novel, and hope to have plenty of time to rest and read. :)

(For some reason I am unable to add in links... so if you'd like to know the book I'm reading it's on the widget up there on the right column. And if you'd like to see more of the day-to-day around here, you can check out the Instagram widget also on the right... I update that pretty frequently.)

Hope you are well, friends. xo