studio inspiration

I don't know if you do this, but it always helps me to design a space when I have some inspiration to go by... I am not so good at making up interior design I guess. So I keep a book of cut out pictures from magazines, paint chips, fabrics, etc. It helps me to recognize what "my home style" is... I can see tendencies when it's all in one place (huh... much like a work portfolio). I have several clippings for what I want my new studio to look like. Maybe "feel like" is a better word though. I want a serene space that is airy and warm and well-organized and allows me to be messy without worrying. A bright space that's a little dream-like. I initially wanted white floors, but was talked out of it by smarter people than I (hello... you paint). Instead I got new wood floors (there was nasty purple carpet in there before...) and I love it. I painted the walls white with a little tone of yellow and gray in there... just a tiny, whispery hint. And there it sits until I get a moment to get back to it. (There are other rooms more pressing right now, like hanging a shower curtain, etc).

I thought I'd share my inspiration pics...

I found two chairs similar to the ones in the first picture below at a thrift store for $5 each (sweet!). They are really old and need to be reupholstered and painted. I also have a large print I am going to frame to go on the right side of the window. And my mother in law is making me some pink pillows:


Let there be light! Here was the pic that inspired my dreaming of white floors:


My ceilings angle like this (I like the b/w rug with the red chairs... but they don't look very comfortable.):


It'll come around slowly. I love keeping my eyes open for similar things in thrift stores. There's also a flea market right up the street from my house that I need to check out too... Time for some wandering...