studio_6 I've been working on making my studio into a art room slash play room for Veda as you know. It's not done, but it probably never will be (things are always evolving as needs and preferences change). So I thought I'd show you where it stands right now.

And I have to say: this shift in mindset from my work being separate from my life as a mother to combining the two has done WONDERS already. Really. I am feeling much more inspired... more creative... and more energetic towards my work. I get ideas as I walk out the door. I see little things I want to capture in life into a painting. It's working!!!

And I can work a little more often now as Veda plays behind my main desk. It only happens in about 15 minute increments right now, but it's a start. (It helps also, of course, that my husband works from home too... so we can trade off depending on who has a hotter deadline or is "feeling it" as we say.)

So here we go:

This is my main desk that houses my computer and painting area. It's small. Which means that I have to clean up after myself somewhat as a work. And if I want to paint bigger (for personal work mainly, and I'm still not feeling that) I can always get out my easel and set up quickly. Veda has a soft rug to play on behind my desk and lots of toys in the bookshelves to grab. There's also an old ikea chair ideal for book reading...


Yes, the wall is still boring beige (that will be changed later I guess), but at least there's a piece of art up! And here are the new bookshelves (cheapy $99 each from walmart. Yes, I said walmart. When you live in tinyville USA, walmart is all you got. There is no fancy target or ikea. Ah well.) Mama's art supplies on the top shelves, baby's toys on the bottom.


In the other side of the space there are more bookshelves. And I set up that old coffee table for her to draw on when she gets older. Also added two chairs ($5 each) from walmart's outdoor section. The orange rug is bamboo so it wipes up with a wet rag (handy!) and I've had it for a while in various places... I thought it added nice bright color to the sometimes dark basement.


I painted a giant chalkboard on the wall. Eventually she will draw on it, but for now, it houses my yoga studies. (I learn better if I can see it visually... as you would guess... and drawing out each sanskrit name and posture helps me slow down my brain and record it. Oh! I start my classes this weekend... SO EXCITED!)


And of course, my smilin' babe. She loves the new space so far I think.


One thing I didn't capture very well was the movie nook and small space under the stairs. I think those will be fun little spaces for her when she's older. They are outfitted with lots of fluffy floor pillows and old quilts (I love old soft quilts) to lounge around and dive into.

So there you have it... The play studio as it stands in September of 09.