summer's sliding by

Finding it nearly impossible to find time blocks to tell you what's really going on in my noggin these days... but here are some snippets:

- small town living. Ups and downs. I think I've been put here to learn something big -- like how to be happy anywhere (hard for a gypsy wanderer like me). And I'm in the process of learning it. Hard lesson at times, but I think it's good medicine.

- lots of hikes through the woods. Veda loves the woods... we listen to the water moving. to our footsteps on the path. to slow breath sounds.

- contemplating getting certified as a yoga teacher. (And hopefully bringing it to this tiny town.) I found a kickass school an hour away that sounds like everything I've been dreaming of. The info day is in 2 weeks, so I will find out more then. (This is something I'd like to learn about even if I don't teach a single class ever. I'm just so interested in it!)

- celebrating Colin's 32nd birthday. Yay 32! Came up with a fun gift idea of coupons for different adventures and things that he'd like to do. (Super cheap and he loved it!)

- attending the county fair. Veda hated it and needed to cuddle the whole time because it was loud, bright, and crowded (and she's going through a stranger anxiety thing). but it was fun to see the barnyard animals and eat icecream and watch Colin turn green on the rides.

- garage sailing. picked up a baby play center for a steal that I couldn't bring myself to purchase in a store at full price. And a bumbo seat. And a big inflatable boat for the three of us to ride around in on the lake. (We'll see if it works.)

- hosting a closet swap with a bunch of local girls. It was close to 90 degrees and my AC went out 1 hour before the party (go figure) so we were all sweating, but that didn't stop us from shopping in my living room. I think we all got some good stuff. (The preggie ladies left early though. hee. Sorry guys!)

- letting myself off the hook on responding to emails in a reasonable time, blogging all the stories I have piled up, and keeping up with the internet world. I have too many baby smiles to watch and giggles to grab. I only get this with Veda once... I figure I'll jump back into keeping up with the jones's in another couple of years. :)

- and of course, lots of porch sitting. drinking cool drinks and watching the world go by.

Life is yummy.