ten things, a quick list

coffeeshop.jpg Ten things worth cheering about right now:

1. Carrots dipped in hummus.

2. Not being scared to go to an event/party/thing. (A dress and shoes that I felt comfortable and groovy in were KEY. Who knew. I am really embracing this girlie crap. hee)

3. Coffee-shops with enormous mugs and green walls.

4. Finally putting together all our tax materials.

5. A new surprise (scratch that -- 2 new surprises to announce later this week).

6. Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" (the Oprah book thing right now). Are y'all reading this too? It feels like the entire planet is...

7. My sister not being able to see her feet anymore because her belly is large and in charge now. Go Lauren and my first niece or nephew!

8. Netflix.

9. Scribbling.

10. Wanting to gobble the library up.

What are you cheering about? Let's spread it around like peanut butter.