Thanksgiving dinner was amazingly yummy. I made baked brie, a beautiful fall salad, green beans with shallot crisps, garlicky brussels sprouts saute, and roasted vegetable cornucopias for the main course. It was really hard to get everything to come out hot at the same time, so I was really grateful for my little kitchen helpers who were totally clutch. :) In the crazy cooking frenzy I failed to take any snapshots of the food. So it goes...

My favorite part, though, was going around the table saying what each of us were thankful for (started by Veda!). My sister Brittany (who moved in with us at the beginning of November) said she was thankful for being able to live here with us... that she was loving it. And it was the sweetest moment. Something I'll always remember.

Black Friday (today) was spent raking leaves, playing with playdough, reading cookbooks, napping and sitting around a bon fire. Yeah, life is good. :)