the good, the bad, the ugly

THE GOOD: i promised veda we would go strawberry picking today!

THE BAD: it was forecasted to rain.

THE GOOD: we decided to go to the children's museum instead.

THE BAD: the museum was being hijacked by a zillion big kids from local schools.

THE GOOD: we had fun anyway. mainly because i practiced some serious yoga between my ears:  "come back to your breath"... "relax your shoulders down"... "soften"... "soften"... "soften"...

THE BAD: we came home and veda skipped her nap, and I had tons of work to accomplish during those precious hours.

THE GOOD: i asked veda to play quietly in her room if she didn't want to sleep, and i was able to get my work done.

THE BAD: i treated veda to a popsicle when play time was over as a thank you. the sugar rush that ensued nearly killed me.

THE GOOD: i handed veda a hammer, scrap wood and nails and let her pound out some energy.

THE UGLY: said sugar rush paired with lack of sleep = ornery little girl at dinner time... to put it mildly. (good lord!)

THE GOOD (gotta end with good): bedtime was earlier than normal with no stalling because little miss was worn out.

* * * *

Notes to self:

- no more store bought popsicles. time to freeze some fruit at home.

- yoga works. do more.