the old switcheroo

the middle of winter feels like a good time to nest. being inside so much makes me scrutinize this house and come up with new ideas and configurations. (i love interior decorating. it's a hobby of mine. i'm not stellar at it by any means, but i do enjoy reading about it and trying little (cheap!) things to change up my home). i also like that it's creative, but in a totally different way than doing illustration.

lately i've:

- inherited a little piano desk from my mom which i set up at the top of the stairs as a new work space for colin. it's right by the window and fit nicely under some art that was already hanging there. feels very "writerly". hopefully it'll inspire some good work from colin.

- spotted some glass lamps at the local junk/consignment store and talked them into selling them to me for $7.50 a piece. (what a steal!) i set them up on the nightstands and they instantly refreshed the room.

- rearranged some furniture in my living room. one of the end tables was antique and wobbly... and steadily becoming more so because little hands like to push on it and shake it. so i replaced it with a sturdy little table i already had in my studio. and used the old free standing bedroom lamp to replace the table top one. problem solved!

- been dreaming up new colors for our hall bathroom... paint is cheap and i want to do something bold... been gathering clips of inspiration from magazines.

i'm adding this as one thing i like about winter.