The Path of Least Resistance

From The Daily Groove by Scott Noelle:

:: The Path of Least Resistance ::

Take a moment today to observe the motion of water drops descending on a window, windshield, shower wall, or sink.

Each drop follows its own "path of least resistance" toward Ground, which is rarely a straight line. It flows around obstacles in the easiest possible way. When the obstacle is another drop, the easiest way might be to merge with it.

Sometimes the easiest path is that which has been established by previous drops. Sometimes it's easier to stay put until another drop comes along.

In every case, there is no *trying*, no *effort*. There is only ease and surrender. That's Nature's Way. Evidence of this is everywhere -- in the growth patterns of wild plants, the movement of animals, and the behavior of children.

Today, set the intention to flow like water through your day and with your children. Notice that when you feel stressed, you're resisting in some way.

And when you feel good, you're going with the Flow.

Oh, how I love this. Scott Noelle's "The Daily Grooves" regularly inspire me, but this one really hit home. I think it applies to so much more than parenting, too. Think about the path of least resistance when it comes to daily routine, career, relationships.

I love that that he asks us to check in -- if you feel good, you're going with the flow. So true. I often need to check in with myself to see what is flowing, and what is tense. What can I ease up on? What can I do to align myself with how the day is shaking out, or what my kiddo wants to do versus my "plans", or how a project I'm working on is coming out?

Being in the flow for me means being ok with plans changing. Coming up with new plans - or no plans - when necessary. Canceling or saying no when it's obvious there is going to be a struggle. Turning down a project if I can see that it won't make my heart shine doing it. Opting to do less in order to feel more balanced, when my tendency is to DO DO DO! And even choosing to laugh at something that is not what I'd wanted, but is done. (I'm thinking of my garden. Most of what remained of it was eaten by raccoons. ha!)

For today, I'm going to focus even more on being in the flow... adjusting my course to take the path of least resistance.