the wind is blowing

to make warm english muffins with cold cheese for take a nap on the porch under my favorite blanket. to wait. to sit next to the warm cat. to breathe in deeply and feel how cold the air is. to take 10 minutes to brew "joy" tea (my current fave). to panic over a slow time. to turn off the email and finish one thing on my to do list. to call my sister. to day dream about our next house. to not beat myself up for missing a meeting. to celebrate over really bad sushi. to laugh about it. to check email right before bed and therefore not be able to sleep. to compare myself to a person who has something i want. to focus on what I do have. to not watch that movie because I know those scenes would play in my head eternally. to blog. to choose comfortable clothes. to feel judged. to not care.

with each of these choices I create my life. No one else does this. And I have been thinking about all these things lately... my choices. Sometimes we say one thing is important, and yet we do another. So is that really important to us? Or is it trumped by our actions?

Maybe it's like steering a ship... you have to keep readjusting the sails to keep on course. And sometimes you have to put down the anchor and get the map back out to check your coordinates.