things I'm smiling about lately:

: Farmers markets open year round in NC. Learning to cook with different veggies.

: Free museums (free activities rule!)... Remember this post of mine from 2004?

: The amazing book --"Radical Homemakers" by Shannon Hayes. I really can't say enough about this book. It's given me the clarity and the language I was missing in what I see as my path right now. Words like: "reclaiming domesticity from consumer culture", "healing the planet with simplicity", "focusing on family and community for personal fulfillment and cultural change", etc. I was going to devote a whole post on this... but perhaps this is enough for now? You gotta read this book if you're interested in self-reliance and/or looking for an alternative way to move through the world.

: Christmas merriment going on in our home. Baking cookies with Veda (using Mav's yummy recipe here). Hanging up stockings. Christmas tunes playing in the background. Making hand-made gifts for family.

: A quick vacation in Mexico, kind of under the radar. Colin and I got to spend a day alone doing fun stuff like zip-lining through the jungle, repelling off a 75' tower, snorkeling through a cave and visiting Mayan ruins. Super fun. (The colors in Mexico are amazingly vibrant. It's kind of unbelievable.)

: The new Squam site launching. I helped out with the visual design elements on the website and am now hired on as Squam's official graphic designer... doing things like gift certificates, schedules and web buttons. Speaking of which, grab one for your website below! :)