thinkingblog.jpg schmooze.png Well, it seems I've been tagged with a Thinking Blogger Award and a Schmoozing Blogger Award. Thank you Anette and Jennifer for thinking of me. :)

My assignment then, is to tag five more people...

So here are my Thinking Award recipients:

Colin I know it's probably lame to nominate my husband, but his blog does make me think, so I say it counts.

Jenny Jenny is a fantastic artist and a good soul, and her blog always inspires me to push my art harder.

Leonie This girl is one free bird, and she inspires me to really see the world around me.

Katherine I want to be like Katherine when I grow up. :)

Christine Christine is a dear friend of mine and I love to watch the world through her eyes...

And some community schmoozers...

decor8 I don't think any explanation is needed. Holly is all about community. Very yummy stuff.

Rama Rama is one of the IF Bloggers and has a lot of stuff going on all the time, including the portrait party and shows. I think we should rename him Energy Hughes.

Brianna Brianna is my partner in Illustration Friday and she also runs (my web hosting company), which is positioned to help out the art community...

Danny Again. No explanation needed. Danny rocks socks.

Camilla Camilla is so nice and she's inspiration central with all her links. :)

I think that'll do it.

Btw: I have another painting (#4) to show you for the solo show. Next post...

rock on.