this joy+ride

I am so excited to finally share this with you!

Shari and Sheri over at this joy+ride have just posted my contribution. Shari asked me to dream up something for the January issue, and I went to work on it. (This is that personal work that I mentioned way back when...)

I was originally thinking about submitting simple illustrations or paintings, but I was inspired to do something different. And I thought I needed a little challenge. (I can never take the easy way, huh?) So I took on the task of learning and doing an animation. I panicked for a while as I tried different ideas on how to accomplish this, until I landed on the oldest form of animation - cel animation where it's done frame by frame.

(I based my idea on something really personal to me, which made it a labor of love. That helped as I was slugging through it. hee.)

And I know it's nothing compared to most of the super cool animations out there. But I'm proud of myself for completing my little challenge.

I hope you will enjoy it.

(Thank you again to s+s for thinking of me!)