This weekend...

pic of my lil bro by mister Colin


- closed my eyes and felt the warm yellow sun on my face.

- wrote a letter to a friend while Veda napped next to me outside.

- sat by a still-smoking bon fire.

- oversaw a tent being erected in the wind. (I was toting Veda so I wasn't able to help in the construction. Instead, I fulfilled my role as "resident bossy person". hee)

- celebrated my niece's 1st birthday.

- experienced the present moment. and the present moment. and the present moment.

- soothed a crying baby.

- did zerberts on a happy baby.

- got my hair chopped. (much faster to dry this mop now.)

- got a knot in my neck. (to be worked out Wed at massage school.)

- prayed.

- noticed how intensely green the grass is where the sun meets the shadows.

- ate spicy mexican food.

- went kayaking for the first time since I was 4 months pregnant. (bliss!)

- rolled up my cuffs and waded in the lake.

- burned incense and drank chai.

- loved my cutie husband (who also got a much needed mop chop).

- Did a smidgeroo of yoga with Veda. (The cat says meow meow. The cow says moo moo. The dog says woof woof. The snake says ssss... sss.... -- This gets big smiles from the wee one.)

- saw the bottoms of my feet were dirty. (A sure sign of a good weekend.)

What did ya'll do?