this weekend I...

- worked. But it was fun because I am whipping up a KILLER WICKED FUN campaign for a local agency and it's totally pulling me out of my eff-art phase. I cannot wait to show you eventually!

- took a day off to go kayaking with my mom (the avid kayaker), Colin and Tom. The river was beautiful, but was surrounded by ragweed, which I'm really allergic to in the fall. So I got to practice my farmer blow abilities. I also got to see tiny tadpoles, painted turtles and three deer standing in the river taking a bath.

- discovered a rope swing and watched my brother try it out. Looked like a gorilla swan diving into a mud puddle.

- celebrated my four year business anniversary at bonge's tavern in Perkinsville, IN. I had the cobia, which was delish.

- bought a few maternity tops at Target for the growing belly bean. For some reason I love green these days.

- watched (sort of, I was working at the same time) the newer Rambo movie (inadvisable). Um, hello guts and gore. (This was NOT my choice... call it the downside of living with two boys at the moment.)

- had to read library books to fall asleep afterwards.

- Tried out a new recipe: baked manicotti. Turned out pretty yummy.