Thriving Family, The Wise Stepmom

smallimages There is a new magazine just hitting the shelves called Thriving Family, a publication by Focus on the Family. They came to me for an editorial piece and some spots to go along with the article.

The story was about "The Wise Stepmom" and it detailed what the modern, kind stepmom is like. (Not the wicked witch old school stepmom think.) So automatically I wanted to do a piece with warm, vibrant colors. I also thought I should soften what the mom looks like with long, wavy hair and had her standing in a curvy stance even -- not too stiff or solemn, to soften the impact of the figure. See below.


The spots accompanied these bullet points:

• a wise stepmom realizes that it takes several years for most stepfamilies to gel. • This wise stepmom isn’t selfish, unloving or “wicked.” • a wise stepmom gently reaches out to her stepkids in small ways that communicate, “I care about you, and I understand this isn’t easy.” • a wise stepmom understands that the former wife plays a significant role in the relationship the stepmom has with her stepchildren. • And last, a wise stepmom allows Dad to have time alone with his children