dining outdoors at sunset at a dinky little seaside restaurant.

listening to the ocean. and people watching from the balcony.

an impromptu meet up with my gorgeous soul-sister gwen who inspires me constantly.

my bean and my love, melting me with their sweetness.

Traveling was good. It did that thing it usually does when you're gone long enough... helps you see life in clearer perspective. Makes you forget about the silly little things we bang our heads about and tells you that you can live with less... less stuff... less doing... less computering... less complaining... less worrying. Pare it down to what is essential and throw in some sunshine, and you've got yourself one happy lope.

I kept up with the giving throughout the trip. It included such things as:

- giving away enormously tall velvet curtains to my neighbor who had naked windows (the shame!).

- traveling with a light attitude (usually I'm a pretty anxious traveler, and since Colin booked this trip as a surprise, I decided to surprise him right back by being easy breezy and laid back as we planed, trained and automobiled it. (Yes, those are verbs now.)

- putting down my book (I'm reading this, which is fantastic btw) to have meaningful, long conversations in the evening hours.

- being completely and utterly present with my family instead of half-working/half-day-dreaming/half-listening...

- sticking to the room for 2 days while Veda was sick during the trip. Becoming a human kleenex (yuck).

- giving away a great magazine and yummy fruits and veggies.

- leaving a bigger tip than was necessary/expected.

- handing money to a homeless man who asked for it.

Giving is becoming second nature. It's not something I'm thinking about as much as just falling into these days, even completely out of my usual routine.

Have you kept it up? I hope you've had a good week...