Two seemingly disparate things to share

This video via Mothering With Soul:

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And this idea/quote from mary beth larue:

{what is your} vision of {the} future if there were no limitations, no judgments, no setbacks.

...what am i doing daily that informs that and pushes me forward?

go out there and tell someone what you want. what you see for yourself in the future. and take a good look at how you are spending your time today, and see if it has any resemblance to that dream. and if not, change it.

* * * * *

These two things seem very different at first glance: The idea of gratitude and really being present with what is, and the idea of envisioning something different and changing course if necessary. But I feel both of these things are making waves my life right now. They are pulling me into where I need to go and how I want to be.

Especially in doing so much design online and web work, I feel very out of sync with what's happening around me. Not present at all. I even feel it in my body (tight shoulders, clenched jaw, etc). I've also had a lot of little pitfalls (seemingly) lately and perhaps they have also contributed to me feeling out of orbit. I'm trying to drop myself back in. To regain my footing.

I had a little moment of awareness on the way back from the garden this morning (where I had to till 70 percent of it up due to one disaster or another). Colin was telling me about a campaign he is working on. It's to get the word out about special doctors who are working to come up with medicines to help people manage pain and disfunction due to terminal illnesses. These medicines help people regain some control over there lives so they can possibly walk down the block. Or have a cup of coffee without spilling.

As he was explaining, something inside my heart ripped wide open and I saw with glaring clarity my ingratitude for even the very basics. I've been so lost in what I've been doing, what's happening next, the daily grind that I lost sight of basic gratitude. The fact that I am healthy. I have eyes that can see the wonder around me. I'm home to play with my daughter. I can walk my dog. These things are gifts. I had forgotten...

And the quote from above? My vision of the future definitely includes being more fully aware. Being filled with gratitude for this life. And being open to how it is evolving right now, which I hope to share more about later. I'm going to keep thinking about that one and letting that wave wash over me.