two week snippets

The last two weeks have been so busy in the most amazing way. Here are a few snippets...

Got a ton of artwork and gardening done before I left town. (After I left, the bunnies proceeded to eat ALL my broccoli and cauliflower. DOH! I knew I should have put up chicken wire.)

My love and I got tattooed for our 8th anniversary.

I drove to Chicago. (Not a big fan of this traffic... but it was kinda pretty.)

Stayed a hostel (childless!) for 2 nights. This was the sitting room. My room contained a bed and desk. The bathroom was down the hall. I made sure to wave at everyone each time I walked in my bathrobe down the hall. You get over shyness pretty quick.

I completed and became certified in Thai Bodywork Level 1 at this school. I'm super eager to start practicing on friends and family. Creating a space for it in our little home here is the next step. More on this later.

I also attended numerous functions and events for my sister's wedding and then her wedding itself. I took not a single photo... why? I was kid-wrangling the whole time. I was totally exhausted by the time it was all over and skipped the reception to go back to the hotel to sleep. Ahh...