unearth1.jpg This was one of my funnest (funnest?) projects to date. It was created for Saluda Shoals State Park in Columbia, SC. For their annual outdoor art festival, where local sculptors, painters and performers create their masterpieces right there on the riverbanks.

My husband came up with the name "Unearth" -- a name that captured the event's natural setting and sense of discovery (and has the word "art" in it, which I underlined with a twig). And I was left to do the rest.

So with the ideas of outdoors and art - I combined the concepts into one. I created the event name “unearth” out of the earth itself. That would take care of the nature part, and then created a painting around it to address the art part… playing the two off each other.

A photographer shot the word on a white seamless and I used that to paint around for the final pieces. It's a true combination of nature and art. See more images and close-ups below: