upcoming gallery opening

artstreamshowwork.jpg This afternoon I sent off all my work to Susan at Art Stream Studios for a gallery show that is opening May 4th to the public. The work shown above is what is included... 11 pieces in all. And I tried to get a good range in pricing by mixing in some inexpensive (but quality! they are beautiful!) prints and smaller originals along with bigger works. So hopefully anyone who wants one could be able to get one. That's the goal at least. :)

One of the pieces is already sold (see above)... and I think Susan is planning on putting the rest up for sale on the website too, so it's not an "only if you come to the show" type deal. They are not up on the site quite yet, but they'll be here when they are.

I'm showing with the fabulous Lisa Congdon and Ashley Goldberg... and I'm hoping I can snag one of their pieces for my art wall (have I told you about that? Hm... I think that'll be an upcoming blog.)

peace to you. (I mean it!)

p.s. I am particularly proud of the "black silhouette with red shirt" piece in the middle. I was playing with a new technique and found it fun and surprising... I'll explain about that later too, okay?