update on braveheart alison

braveheart.jpgI snapped this picture of miss Alison after she ate a blue sucker (hello, obvious). I was looking at it the other day and thought... There she is! Just look at her personality shining. She's hilarious and feisty and open and beautiful (even with the blue tongue). The blue paired with the warrior face reminded me of mel gibson in braveheart. And that made me laugh... I had to show them side by side. But aside from being funny--it's downright appropriate, really. Alison has been so brave throughout her battle with cancer. So optimistic and warrior-like. She keeps saying: "2007 is my year of healing" and she is right...

She and Tom got the results from the latest CT scan yesterday and it showed that the tumor is shrinking. She doesn't need her pain meds as often. She is walking around and even driving places by herself. You can see the true alison in her eyes again. It's amazing. Miraculous... This chemo is working!

Warrior Alison!