Veda turns 2

How she went from such a helpless, tiny babe to this independent, beautiful toddler in just two years is beyond me.

She started out without being able to smile. Now her smile lights up the room. She started out with crying being her main means of communication. Now she has a giant vocabulary and says things like "absolutely" and "no problem, bob". She tells jokes. She makes funny faces. She sings songs. She dances crazy booty dances. She tells me how she wants to do her hair for the day. She picks out her own clothes. She remembers stories. She observes the world and comments on how she feels about it. She gets quiet and says: "I love you, mama". She melts my heart. She makes me brave. She is my whole world. She's the best thing, ever. Ever.

And she's turning 2 on Sunday.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl!