veda veggies

vedaveggies I have really come to love cooking over the last few years. I find it soothing -- a way to stop everything else and just focus on the task at hand. It's so simple... from getting everything out onto the counter to prepping and chopping, and smelling the flavors start mixing... It's a good way to be in the moment. And since going veggie a few years ago it's even more fun. (I always hated touching meat and love that there are so many ways to pair basic fruits, veggies and grains. It's never boring.)

This has extended to cooking for Veda. She started eating solids a while back now and moved quickly from basic cereals and smooth textures to more variety and hardy textures. At first I was buying baby food in jars, but I found that I hated the consistency. It was always too runny and hard to feed her. So I started making her babyfood myself. It's way more economical and I know exactly what she's getting, nutrient-wise.

So once or twice a week I do a big cook-off for her. Baking sweet potatoes, acorn squash with raisins and cinnamon and nutmeg, zucchini, yellow squash, lots of yummy apples and pears. And pairing it all with lentils, avacado, yogurt, and whole grains. Some things I put through the grinder to cut up seeds further (yellow squash definitely), but most things I just cut or mash up into small pieces, and she loves it. She's a great eater. Even loves olives, pickles and spicy foods. And I love that I can start now to instill healthy eating habits for her.

I was wondering if you have any fabulous babyfood recipes that your wee ones love? If so, please share it in the comments if you'd like. :)

bon appetit!