Veda's new room

Visiting my friend and her kids... watching them in their space... I came home and realized that Veda's room was still set up for a baby. Just the basics. Crib, changing table, rocking chair. And Veda's not a baby anymore. It was time for a big girl room. So she and I drove around and did some thrifting over a few days and found a cute, basic toddler bed and a fun garden chair to replace the rocker (still need to re-cover the seat cushion). And yesterday we set to work on her new room. Now she can get in and out of bed on her own. She has toys in her space. And tons of books. She can play and take quiet times when she wants/needs to. It's more freedom for her. A little more autonomy. And she loves it. My heart breaks in a small way, but I'm also joyous that she's growing and thinking on her own a little more. It's the natural way. And she'll always be my baby even as she evolves into this beautiful, amazing little girl.