Vision3 Creat-a-thon 2008

I've been doing Creat-a-thon for three years now. It's a day where you work around the clock to help out non-profits. This time I worked with Vision 3 Creative on a really unique project -- interior space design for a thrift store who helps needy people. We had to come a way to differentiate the space from the area around it... oh, and for almost NO money. Yipes.

So we came up with illustrations on a sparse printed banner (saves on ink costs) and striped paint around the outer walls. And fun window graphics as well. I also created design elements for the art director to use in the printed pieces that were to promote the store. They went along with photographs of the clothing that the store offered. (I'll try to get some pics and add those to this post later.)

It all looks very sparse to let the clothes stand out and not get in the way of the actual purpose of the store. And the design we came up with saves on printing costs all around. Check out the elements below:

Banner to go along back wall:

Element from banner:

Element from banner:

Element for printed material:

Design elements for printed material: